This website was created by Clairemont residents to give a voice to all residents wishing to shape development in our neighborhoods. Clairemont is growing and we feel strongly that it takes involvement by all citizens to ensure that our growth is healthy, well-planned, and leads to an even more vibrant community. We care about Clairemont!

Update 09/14/14 – Redevelopment in the Balboa/Genesee neighborhood has progressed immensely in the past year! It has been great to see how business goals and resident goals can both be met when citizens get engaged. We look forward to sharing more development information as Clairemont grows!

Update 09/09/13 – Breaking News! Announced today, the owners of the shopping center will now pursue development that adheres to the zoning. Great news for citizens and for healthy growth in Clairemont! We look forward to the continued redevelopment of the shopping center. Thank you to all citizens for your time and energy caring about Clairemont! YOU made a difference! 🙂


Current Issue: Proposed rezoning of the Balboa Mesa Shopping Center

Our position: The proposed rezoning is not in the best interest of Clairemont. We believe so for the following reasons:

  • Redevelopment CAN and WILL happen with current zoning.
  • The current zoning is highly beneficial to our community.
  • The long-term vision for Clairemont can only be achieved with consistent and stable zoning standards. read more

History: The Balboa Mesa Shopping Center was built across from a residential neighborhood in the 1960’s. It was designed, and has held, two zoning designations within its boundaries since that time. One is the Community Commercial or “CC” zone. The other is the Commercial Neighborhood or “CN” zone which runs along the side of the shopping center that faces residential homes. Both zones allow a large range of commercial development. The Balboa Mesa shopping center was sold to Regency Centers in September of 2012 for 59.5 million dollars. Regency announced plans to begin immediate redevelopment of the shopping center. They have submitted multiple requests to eliminate the CN zoning protections. The issue will be decided by a city council vote in the near future.

Mission: Immediate action is needed to stop the zoning change that will allow drive-thrus, hard alcohol sale and consumption, live entertainment, and 24-hour operation directly across from residential homes. Our goal is to inform citizens about this critical issue and encourage you to take action! click here to sign petition