1. I heard an In & Out would go into the shopping center. I like InNOut! Don’t you?

Sure, we all like a good burger. But citizens must consider not just what developers are saying but what a zoning change will allow. Citizens must decide if eliminating our Commercial Neighborhood zones are a wise course of action. Our concern is not with InNOut, but with the elimination of a CN zone and all that goes with that. If more food options are your concern, please note that multiple food tenants that fit the current zoning are already lined up by the developer. Rezoning is not needed to have more food options. Please see the Current Issue page for specific concerns about eliminating the CN zone.

2. Parts of that shopping center have been empty for some time.  Wouldn’t anything be better than leaving it vacant?

It will not be left vacant. A former gas station left the soil contaminated and necessitated a lengthy clean-up process. The nation-wide economic downturn made it financially unwise for the previous owner to redevelop the center.   The current economic upswing is what motivates the new owner to redevelop the center.  It is that simple. The zoning has no effect on redevelopment happening now nor lack of redevelopment before…but it does have an effect on the livability of our community.

3. Why should this issue really matter to me?

Zoning can seem like a dry issue. At times citizens may assume that “someone else” must know more or that “others” are already fixing the problem. But the truth is that time and money decide many issues. If a developer has more money and more time (via hired employees) to campaign and shape their message to their audience, then it will be only the developer’s voice that our public officials hear. It should matter to you if you want more than a developer’s voice to decide your community’s growth. It should matter to you if you want to live in a community where neighbors share each others concerns and work together to create solutions. It should matter to you if you care about Clairemont. We do and bet you do too! click here to say YES to responsible redevelopment!!