Native Foods Vegan Restaurant Clairemont San Diego, California

Native Foods Vegan Restaurant Clairemont San Diego, California

Native Foods Clairemont

A New Vegan Option Comes to Clairemont

Hey Clairemont, Kearny Mesa and Linda Vista. Did anyone attend the soft opening of the new vegan restaurant Native Foods in the Genesee Plaza Shopping Center (Target/Home Depot)? Can Clairemont support this type of restaurant? Will they survive? Let us know what you think.

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  1. Sat says:

    Yes, I attended. It’s one of my favorite restaurants and I’m very excited I can support a business in our neighborhood.

  2. Julie Tedde says:

    I went. The food was delicious and the employees were incredibly friendly and helpful. I loved every bit of it. I am so excited to have Native Foods in our neighborhood and I can’t wait to go back!!!

  3. Steve Innis says:

    My compliments to Native Foods. The food is ultra fresh, has exquisite flavor and the portions are just right! This is a place where we can get guiltless food! The servers did a very good job attending to the customers and management was keeping an eye on everything, gathering feedback and making adjustments. I think they have a gold mine.

    • admin says:

      That is exactly the way I described my experience at NF; “guiltless.” They gave me a lot of food and I was full but not bloated.

  4. Nikki B. says:

    I am happy to see more vegetarian options coming to our neighborhood! My first time there was positive and my kids want to go back as well! Now, if I can just convince my meat-eating hubby to try it out… 😉

  5. Cami Abel says:

    My husband and I went and it was fantastic, the atmosphere was refreshing, as were the refreshments and really amazing menu. We are thrilled to have them in the neighborhood, our new favorite go-to restaurant. This is how we eat, so nice to have so many options!!!

  6. Joy Brychta says:

    We went and were pleasantly surprised. The food is fresh and delicious, the staff was friendly and very helpful. We will definitely support this great place!

  7. David Milroy says:

    First of partner and I are major carnivores…..but…I LOVED IT!!! I had the Ruben Sandwich..and it was fantastic! I just returned from NYC the home of great delis..and this one was truly delicious! The fake meat was perfect…by itself it tasted like real..pastrami? The non cheese was like yummy Swiss..and the sauerkraut and dressing made it perfect. The other items were very good too..the fries/ Sweet potatoe fires..the chili and the corn bread…..and the nachos were delicious. My partner had the Scorpian Burger and ate the whole thing….and he is the anti-vegan!

    Even the “faux-chicken” strips were yummy..though the white sauce was surprisingly spicy..not a cool ranch like I was expecting. All in all..I will go back..for the Ruben and the Watermelon juice..major yummm!
    Also..kudos to the staff who were beyond wonderful…bravo to all! See you soon! Eating healthy can be delicious!

  8. Rosa Knight says:

    Delicious healthy food, refreshing infused tea & agua fresca & excellent customer service. Excited that they are in our neighborhood and looking forward to adding to our weekly rotation.

  9. M says:

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with vegan food because I love dairy (milk, sour cream, cheese)-oh and bacon. The food was incredible! There were so many great flavors. I went with 4 friends and we all shared. I really loved the lemongrass broccoli side, the spicy chocolate cake and the peanut butter parfait, and my bacon avo chicken sandwich was amazing. I loved that when I bring the kids, there is nothing on the menu that I have to steer them away from. I can’t wait to go back and I am so excited that this healthy restaurant is in OUR neighborhood. btw, I also loved the recycled wood furniture. Oh, and the staff was really friendly and helpful and kept the whole place super clean. Of all the new restaurants, this is my favorite!

  10. Sherry says:

    Great experience. Good food. A delight to have a fresh different option to the new array of restaurants in the hood. Thank you for the opportunity to try Native Foods.

  11. Don & Suzanne Neilson says:

    Suzanne and I took advantage of the soft opening offer, and, together with friends, enjoyed lunch at Native Foods on Friday, the 12th of September. We had never attended a soft opening before and think it’s a wonderful way to introduce the community to a new member. Everyone — from the hostess at the door to the order station, the wait staff, and the manager — was very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. We were impressed. The four of us had quite a variety of dishes, including appetizers which we shared, and everything was delicious. Suzanne said the roasted vegetables were the best she’s ever had, and our friend couldn’t believe that the “pastrami” on his Reuben wasn’t the real thing. We found a nicely shaded outdoor table where we enjoyed our meals and a conversation with the manager, who graciously told the story behind the company’s founding. We regret not meeting one of the founders, who was on site the entire time.

    Often, when eating at a vegetarian restaurant, we’ve been left wondering when we’d find one we really like. We finally have. We are very pleased to have such a fine vegan restaurant in our neighborhood and will definitely be returning from time to time. Will they survive? We think so!

    Don & Suzanne Neilson

  12. Ken Berger says:

    My wife & I attended. We are neither vegans nor vegetarians. The Greek Gyro Bowl was not that good (we both agree). The Portobello & Sausage Burger was excellent (we both agree). The Japanese Sesame Crusted Chicken Bites were excellent (we both agree) but there should have been a larger serving (we both agree). The Edamame Hummus Scoop was good (my wife), was not good (me). The Banana Bars were so-so (we both agree) & the portion was too small (we both agree). The Spicy Chocolate Cake was great (my wife – she likes chocolate), was so-so (me). The Lavender Lemonade was good (we both agree). The Watermelon Fresca was good if you do not put ice in it (me), was just OK (my wife). We also purchased a copy of their cookbook. It looks interesting.

    They need to have sweet teas available among their drinks. They have interestingly flavored teas but they were not sweet & therefore blah.

    The staff was very friendly.

    The only other nearby locations are Point Loma & Encinitas.

    Had we paid for our meals, it would have cost us over $50 for the both of us w/o a tip. A bit on the high side if you ask us.

    We will be back in the future.

    The place next store was cleaning out their porta-potties when we left. We were glad we decided to eat indoors & not out doors because of the smell. Hopefully the porta-potties will be moved soon.

    Ken & Edna Berger

  13. Stephanie says:

    Me and 3 of my friends went. We were surprised at the bounty of food we could sample. The restaurant was visually appealing inside. I appreciated the fresh quality of food they serve. Loved the asian chicken balls and the nachos were yummy. I enjoyed the lavender lemonade.
    All of us enjoyed ourselves. We’ll definitely be back. Thank you for letting us know about the soft opening. Welcome to Clairemont Native Foods Cafe!

  14. Dawn says:

    My friends and I attended the yummy opening of Native Foods last Friday. It was amazing. The food was delicious both at the restaurant and the leftovers when we ate them at home. We will be happy to add it to our dinner choices!!

  15. annie says:

    Our lovely Clairemont has been a restaurant “black hole” for eons. FINALLY we’re on the radar…Our NFK experience last Friday was first rate. I am planning to eat my way through every delectable item on the menu AND looking forward to sharing this treasure with all visitors.

    Also, I am planning to attend the cooking classes for much needed gastronomic inspiration!!!

  16. Kathy says:

    I would like to say thank you for your generousity and for hiring such an awesome staff. The people you have working at NF are tremendous! I brought my friend from work and neither of us are vegans or vegetarians whatsoever. We appreciated that the food was very fresh and healthy, but it was just so different to what we normally eat that it would take some getting used to. Kudos to people that do eat this way because I now feel guilty that I don’t. Ha
    WE may be able to ease into it, I think going from the way we normally eat and diving into an over abundance of very different choices was a little overwhelming, but interesting.

  17. Dennis says:

    My wife and I attended the soft opening. Thank you, Michael, for making us aware of it. First of all, the whole experience was very positive. The food and the service were both excellent. The ordering process was smooth despite the large turnout. The dining areas are well designed and allow for private conversation. The staff is so enthusiastic! We know many people today who are vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or just want to eat healthy. NF is a perfect fit for all of those tastes. Clairemont has needed a restaurant like this and I believe there is ample demand to allow NF to be very successful in this location. The food was tasty and fresh. The portions are ample. There is great variety. The beverages are unique and refreshing. My wife and I have been looking for a restaurant like this for a long time. Now we have one right in the heart of our neighborhood!

  18. Kath says:

    I went with a friend and we both loved everything. The food was great and their staff was amazing. I was impressed, to say the least, and welcomed them to the neighborhood. Healthy food, can’t beat that!

  19. Lucas LeardMann says:

    We went, and took some friends too. Loved it!! We are VERY excited to have healthy, meatless, quick food coming into our neighborhood.

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